Ziyarah & Salam - Visit to Madinah Munawwarah

Ziyarah & Salam - Visit to Madinah Munawwarah

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Ziyarah literally means to visit. In the light of the Shariah it means to travel to Madinah to offer salutations and pay tribute to the Prophet [PBUH] and his Masjid. 

There is no Miqat or Ihram for Madinah, although this does not take away from its sanctity, as again one has more reason to stay away from sins. (This again does not justify sinning elsewhere.) 

Access to staying in Madinah is available all the time according to Shariah. Also, no maximum/minimum time limit exists. However one should try to stay in Madinah for at least 8 days, so as to allow the performing of 40 Salah with Jamaah. 

“Whoever offers 40 Salah in my Masjid, not missing even one Salah, for him is written (assured) freedom from the fire, delivery from punishment, and freedom from hypocrisy.” Ahmad 


The salawat provided in this book has been thoroughly researched, to ensure that they are as accurately represented as possible. 

We have referred to the original sources of Ahadith when compiling this book to ensure that no accidental misrepresentations are included. 

In praise of his accomplishments and his perfected character, Allah Taala states; 

Allah and His angels send Blessings on the Prophet (Muhammad [PBUH]) O you who believe! Invoke blessings upon him too and send abundant greetings of peace. al Azhab 56 

Allah Taala has not only permitted the sending of salutations upon the Prophet [PBUH] but has ordained reward in lieu of it. The most significant of which is; for it is an expression of love for the beloved of Allah. Whoever prays once for blessings upon Muhammad is blessed himself ten times over by the One who sent him. Muslim 

This is Allah’s Taala sheer blessing upon us that we should be rewarded for thanking Allah’s Messenger [PBUH] for what he has done for us. As the love for the Messenger is a part of Iman, so should we make Salawat upon him a part of our daily routine.

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