A Treasury of Virtues - Al-Qadi Al-Qudai
A Treasury of Virtues - Al-Qadi Al-Qudai

A Treasury of Virtues - Al-Qadi Al-Qudai

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Al-Qadi Al-Qudai A Treasury of Virtues - sayings, sermons, and teachings of Ali with one hundred proverbs attributed to Al-Jahiz

An acknowledged master of Arabic eloquence and a sage of Islamic wisdom, 'Ali was renowned for his eloquence: his words were collected, quoted, and studied over the centuries, and extensively anthologized, excerpted, and interpreted.

Of the many compilations of 'Ali’s words, A Treasury of Virtues, compiled by the Fatimid Shafi'i judge al-Quda'i, arguably possesses the broadest compass of genres and the largest variety of themes. Included are aphorisms, proverbs, sermons, speeches, homilies, prayers, letters, dialogues, and verse, all of which provide instruction on how to be a morally upstanding human being. The shorter compilation included here, One Hundred Proverbs, is attributed to the eminent writer al-Jahiz (d. 255/869). This volume presents the first English translation of both of these important collections.

Edited and translated by Tahera Qutbuddin 

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