The Blessed Pomegranates

The Blessed Pomegranates

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The Blessed Pomegranates is centered around two little Muslims, Alyah and Adam, as they go on an adventure with their grandmother Essi on a special Ramadan night. Through giving pomegranates from Grandmother Essi’s tree to their family and friends, Adam and Alyah learn about Ramadan, the Qur'an, and the importance of generosity and sharing your blessings with others.

With stunning and colorful illustrations alongside an engaging story, 
The Blessed Pomegranates is a Ramadan classic written with the same poetic style hundreds of thousands of readers have come to love from A. Helwa. A perfect book for teachers and parents to teach core Islamic teachings in an engaging way to children.

Author: A. Helwa

Binding: Hardcover

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