Tashil al-Rusum: The Writing of the Qur&

Tashil al-Rusum: The Writing of the Qur'an Simplified

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Tashīl al-Rusūm is a reader of the science of Qurʾānic Orthography (Rasm al-Khaṭṭ). Although it does not cover the orthography of the whole Qurʾān, it is an excellent introduction to the science. It includes chapters on the development of the Arabic script and the conventions added to it such as dots, the collection of the Qurʾān, various divisions of the Qurʾān, Arabic calligraphic scripts, early books written in the science of Rasm, and includes a chapter for each of the principles of Rasm.
Author: Mohamed Umer Esmail
Binding: Softcover

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