Sumbawa 1 Oil

Sumbawa 1 Oil

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Another one of people’s favorites. Very easy to wear in public and will have a very pleasurable opening note and develops well over time.

These ouds are made from wood and are pure. When pure oud is used, they are free from harmful chemicals and can be worn directly on one’s skin.

The best way to wear oud is by placing one to two swipes of it on your pulse points across your body. This includes your wrists, inside of your elbows, and behind your ears. Also, it lasts well when placed on one’s hair, such as one’s eyebrows or beard. Depending on one’s location and skin type, the oud will last between an hour and a day. When the oud seems to have gone away, freshening up with wudu will bring back the scent that lay dormant.

  • 3 ml

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