Prophet Muhammad ﷺ - Where the Story Begins

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ - Where the Story Begins

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 This book introduces readers to Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ  very early life, his childhood, and to those who helped raise and shape the man that would lead an entire nation and be an example for all time. The Beginnings of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is a meaningful story written in a child’s voice with a young reader in mind. What differentiates this book from others are the personalities it focuses on. In alternate books about the Prophet, much isn’t written about his mother who passed soon after his birth nor about the women who raised him. 

Meet a handful of the men and women that helped shape the early life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ . In these pages, you will find his mother, Amina bint Wahb; the women that loved and protected him like their very own, Halimah Sa’diyyah and Barakah (Umm Ayman); and his beloved grandfather Abd al-Muttalib, alongside his uncle Abu Talib. 

Author: Farhana Islam

Illustrator: Eman Salem

Binding: Hardcover

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