Introduction to Permaculture
Introduction to Permaculture

Introduction to Permaculture

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You can achieve significant differences applying various design methods using this Introduction to Permaculture book investing less study time compared to Permaculture A Designers’ Manual. Bill Mollison wrote rare content just exists in “Introduction to Permaculture” 

Bill Mollison wrote Introduction to permaculture which contains huge pieces of information after  Permaculture: A designers’ Manual. The book is extensively illustrated with detailed diagrams and line drawings, including a list of permaculture plants, along with instructions on how to use it. These include energy efficient site analysis, planning and design methods, urban Permculture garden layout, dry-land, arid, tropical area design, housing placement, land access and community financing systems, chickens and pig feed system, orchards and virgin forest plots. Most of the selected plant species with microclimate and climate tolerance.

Author: Bill Mollison

Binding: Softcover

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