Imam Al Ghazali - Mukhtasar - ihya&

Imam Al Ghazali - Mukhtasar - ihya' 'ulum ad-din

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Mukhtasar, aims to acquaint an English-speaking readership with the abridged version of Muhammad ibn Muhammad Abû Hâmid al-Ghazâlî’s magnum opus, the Ihya’ ‘ulûm ad-dîn, ‘The Revival of the Religious Sciences’, which has been regarded as one of the most important writings of the Islamic tradition for nine hundred years and is esteemed and appreciated among Muslims worldwide like no other work.

According to the written records available to us today, the Master himself invested a great deal of energy in the preparation of this concise version to produce a volume that would enable him to take his work along on his journeys.

Author: Al-Ghazali

Translator:Hajj Marwan Khalaf

Binding: Hardcover

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