Great Speeches For Better Speaking

Great Speeches For Better Speaking

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Master the art of persuasion with lessons from the best speakers of our time.

Complete with a ninety-minute CD featuring six great speeches in their entirety, this tool kit for speakers takes you through an in-depth analysis of these historically significant speeches and the secrets of their eloquent effectiveness. With close examination of each speech, you'll get lessons on how to:

  • Address a difficult situation with help from the Great Communicator, Ronald Reagan
  • Bring divergent interests together with effective arguments like Edward Kennedy
  • Capture and hold your audience's attention by mastering General Douglas MacArthur's structural techniques
  • Style a formal speech with the elegance of John F. Kennedy
  • Maximize your delivery by studying the power of Barbara Jordan's voice
  • Use Mary Fisher's special rhetorical tactics to sway even the toughest audience


Author: Michael Eidenmuller

Binding: Paperback 

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