Al-Ghazali The Book of Belief for Children

Al-Ghazali The Book of Belief for Children

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In the Book of Knowledge, we were able to create stories that could best explain Imam al-Ghazali's ideas to children. In Book Two, however, he presents very profound concepts about belief and the afterlife. A friend in Abu Dhabi suggested that young Muslims love heroic figures and that Imam al-Ghazali would make an excellent addition to the great personages in the Islamic world for young people to admire. Also, he suggested that children enjoy such magical ideas as "time travel." It was therefore decided that in the Book of Belief, the Imam would make an imaginary visit to the children in order to answer their questions. It is for this reason that we have included the Imam in such a fashion, using such a metaphor for his timeless message coming to our children.

Author: Al-Ghazali

Binding: Paperback

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