99 Names Guided Journal

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Learn, Love, and Live Allah's Names

A memorization tracker, inspirational audio reflections, meaningful knowledge guide, and reflective journal. Learn, love, and live the names of Allah.

Build a relationship with Allah that is full of hope, awe, and love. The 99 Names of Allah Guided Journal is a combination memorization tracker, meaningful audio and visual knowledge guide, and reflective journal that gives you a clear path to finally get to know who Allah is. Read beautiful and life-relevant meanings and stories behind each name of Allah that allow you to bridge a connection between Allah’s names to your everyday life. Connect with a teacher to hear deep and meaningful reflections on each name through our audio recordings accessible via QR codes.

Du’a prompts and situations to cultivate a practice of remembering Him and calling upon His names in everyday life situations. Immerse in reflective questions and use the reflective space to ponder over how Allah manifests His beautiful names in your everyday life, past and present. Elegant, functional, minimalist design inspired by your needs. Beautifully protected in a gold foiled slipcase with a perforated poster, back pocket, and ribbons for bookmarking.

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