My Prayer Journey - Kid&
My Prayer Journey - Kid&
My Prayer Journey - Kid&

My Prayer Journey - Kid's Prayer Journal & Activity Book

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Teaching Prayer To Your Kids Has Never Been This Easy

My Little Legacy, The Prayer Journal & Activity Book, is specially designed to take your child on an educational and interactive journey to understand Prayer.

Educate your child to love prayers deeper spiritual connection.

What's Inside?

  • Journal & Activity Book - Track your child's progress every day and help them complete the daily activities!
  •  Prayer Travel Passport - Put this up on your wall. Let your child complete each activity on prayer and let them place the travel stamps on their passport poster. 
  • Stickers At the back of this journal are all of your child's travel stamps and more stickers to track their prayer.
  • Boarding Pass - use the boarding pass as a bookmark to mark the page your child is travelling to. 
  • Boxed case for arts and crafts
  • Prayer Travel Passport
  • Prayer Boarding Pass Sticker Sheets
  • Bookmark

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