Rassoul Natural Mineral Clay

Rassoul Natural Mineral Clay

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Rassoul, also called ghassoul, is a natural mineral clay found in the Maghreb. It has been used, since ancient times as a natural hygiene product and as a shampoo, by women in North Africa. Its ancestral use comes from its literal translation into Arabic which means “who washes”. It is used for body, face, and hair care. It is said to be used as a mask “from head to toe”. Rassoul cleanses skin and hair gently due to the absence of surfactants.

Beauty tip: To form a very soft paste, put in a bowl two tablespoons of rassoul and a little water or distilled water of Rose or Orange Blossom. Then mix until a consistant dough is obtained. Apply in a thin layer all over the body or on the roots of the hair and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

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