A Tentative Guide to Islamic Invocations

A Tentative Guide to Islamic Invocations

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 "[This book] is a key, a Tentative Guide. Don't waste time; don't procrastinate; don't hesitate; don't doubt; don't be faint-hearted. Pack it in the 'smart' suitcase of the record of your good deeds, which stays in your soul, in your grave, and with you, forever. Pack your suitcase well, my friend. You are going to need it. That is certain." 

This work is the fourth book in Prince Ghazi's Guide series. Here the author of A Thinking Person's Guide to Islam turns his attention to the linchpin of the spiritual path of Islam: invocation (and remembrance).

As with the other guides, the author's organization and approach is intellectually sensitive and spiritually intuitive. The book itself has three parts: necessary or essential invocations; further invocations to augment one's spiritual journey; and lastly, constant remembrance.

Author: Prince Ghazi Bin Muhammad

Binding: Soft Cover 


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