Al-Kitaab Arabic Language Program

Al-Kitaab Arabic Language Program

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Alif Baa: Introduction to Arabic Letters and Sounds With Website Third Edition Student Edition 

Al-Kitaab Part One, Third Edition is the second book in the bestselling Al-Kitaab Arabic Language Program. Part One uses an integrated approach to develop skills in formal and colloquial Arabic, including reading, listening, speaking, writing, and cultural knowledge. This comprehensive program is designed for students in the early stages of learning Arabic.

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• Three varieties of Arabic — Egyptian, Levantine, and formal Arabic — presented using color-coded words and phrases
• Over 400 vocabulary words in three forms of Arabic, side by side
• Grammar explanations and activation drills, including discussions about colloquial and formal similarities and differences
• Authentic texts that develop reading comprehension skills
• Presents the story of Maha and Khalid in formal Arabic and Egyptian, and Nasreen and Tariq in Levantine
• Arabic-English and English-Arabic glossaries, reference charts, and a grammar index

Binding: Softcover

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