Seasons | Spring 2007

Seasons | Spring 2007

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OUR WORLD NEEDS to raise both the form and content of its present discourse. We are living in trying yet interesting times. Muslims as well as other faith-based communities share many of the same concerns and struggles. We need to examine our conditions and strive to understand them in order to effect positive and lasting change in our communities. Seasons is an effort to share in that process. It is our hope that it will provide a forum for scholors, intellectuals, artists, activists, and students to voice their insights, concerns, reflections, and aspirations for the world. We wish to use it to celebrate our past, examine our present, and perhaps provide some guidence for the betterment of our future. We have called in Seasons to underscore the perennial nature of the human condition, emphasizing that while times are hard, they are also easy: In-deed relief comes with distress. Hardship and ease walk hand-in-hand in this world, and embracing them both as being from the same benevolent source ensures that we walk with gratitude for our blessings and gratefulness for our challenges. We sincerely believe that mercy pervades the cosmos, and in recognizing that, we reconnect with the hope of spring, the serenity of summer, the beauty of autumn, and the majesty of winter. Each comes with its gifts, and each calls us to reflect. We hope this journal will reflect well the seasonal gifts of this wonderous journey we make each year around the sun, only to find ourselves back where we started. We belong to God, and to God we return.

- Hamza Yusuf


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