Youssef Ismail | Card-Cradled
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As infants, helpless and needy as we were, our mothers cradled us in their arms and protected us from harms way. As we grew, slowly we began to wander away from those loving and protective arms. And with our wanderlust we found ourselves in a myriad of troubles getting hurt physically as well as emotionally. Each time we knew we could turn back to those cradling arms for solace and comfort. This metaphor, as seen in the new moon, serves us well in understanding the relationship between creation and the Creator. Whether we know it or not, whether we wander or not, we are always in the cradle of the Most Compassionate, protected from our own foolhardiness. And just like our mothers allowing us the room to grow, even if we did get hurt, they were always there to catch us if we fell; The Compassionate is always there for us. When we need the loving arms of compassion to cradle us, the Compassionate is there ready to take us up.

Yousef Ismail is a faculty member at Zaytuna College.