Youssef Ismail | Card - In the Earth's Shroud


On December 20th, 2010 a celestial event occurred in our sky that has not happened in 372 years. The Earth eclipsed the full moon on the winter solstice and for those fortunate enough to be in an area in North America with clear skies they saw a truly amazing and awe inspiring sight. A passage in the Qur’an describes the motion of the sun and the moon and through implicit understanding so too the Earth and all visible objects in the heavens. Each of these celestial bodies follow and obey what we in science refer to as physical laws which we understand and know how they dictate the motions of the heavenly bodies. However, those of us who go beyond science and have some knowledge of the Knower understand that these laws are not merely physical, but Divine. When I see an event like an eclipse, my heart is in awe of the power of the Incomparable for not only setting such beauty into place but sustaining it as well.

Yousef Ismail is a faculty member at Zaytuna College.

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