The Book of Ascension to the Essential Truths of Sufism: (Mi'raj al-tashawwuf ila haqa'iq al-tasawwuf) A Lexicon of Sufic Terminology


Written by the 18th-century Moroccan scholar and mystic Ahmad ibn ‘Ajiba, this book defines Sufic terminology. Based on four published Arabic editions of the Mi‘raj and two manuscript versions, this translation is supplemented by excerpts from some of Ibn ‘Ajiba’s other works, which offer insights into the essential notions of Sufism: repentance, integrity, love, patience, gratitude, and the Eternal Wine. A comprehensive compilation, this bilingual edition—Arabic and English—celebrates Ahmad ibn ‘Ajiba’s belief that coming to know and reflect upon these notions could be, in itself, a sort of ascending meditative journey.

Author: Ahmad Ibn Ajiba

Binding: Paperback

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