The Jewels of the Qur&

The Jewels of the Qur'an: Al-Ghazali's Theory

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This is an older book and has been discounted as it has some wear on the cover.

This is the first English translation, with introduction and annotation, of al-Ghazali’s book Jawahir al- Qur'an, in Arabic. In the first 19 chapters, al-Ghazali presents his views on various Qura’nic issues: aims of the Qur'an, methods of its understanding, how the Qu'ran is the source of all sciences, the reason why similitude and allegories are used in the Qur’an, the relationship between the perceptible world and the unseen world, etc. Various parts of the Qur'an are compared with various types of valuables, like jewels, pearls, and rubies. Part II consists of 2 chapters containing jewel and pearl verses concerned with the two greatest aims of the Qur'an. The jewel verses form the cognitive part of the Qur'an, for they concern knowledge of God’s essence, attributes, and works. The pearl verses are the practical part: they describe the straight path and urge man to follow it. The entire book is translated by Professor Dr. Quasem very accurately into free-flowing modern English. 

Author: Al Ghazali

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