Spiritual Journey of An American Muslim
Spiritual Journey of An American Muslim

Spiritual Journey of An American Muslim

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I chose “Spiritual Journey of An American Muslim” as the title of my book because the title should tell you something about the content of a book, and the “Oxford Dictionary of Current English” defines “spiritual” as 1. of the spirit or soul, 2. religious, divine, inspired. So my book describes how God guided the journey of my soul from my birth too my Shahadah, the moment I embraced the religion of Islam. This book is not a detailed description of my religious life as a Christian, even though I do touch on certain aspects. Nor is it a detailed description of the beliefs and practices of the religion of Islam, even though I do mention some Islamic practices and concepts. It is my spiritual journey. Some Muslims may consider some aspects of my book as being crude, but remember this is my life before I became a Muslim. Some of the Prophet Muhammad’s, peace and blessings be upon him (pbuh), companions lead crude lives before they converted to Islam. Drinking wine, gambling, and sexually promiscuous behavior, were common practices in Mecca, at the time Muhammad (pbuh) received his prophethood.

Author : Sabur Abdul-Salaam

Binding: Paperback

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