Scattered Pictures: Reflections of an American Muslim

Scattered Pictures: Reflections of an American Muslim

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“This collection of Zaid Shakir’s essays is long overdue. For some years now he has brought a clarity of mind and feeling to substantive issues challenging Muslims today. It is good to see some of his fire-fly, lightning bolt thinking captured in words and put between covers.”
- Michael Wolfe, author of The Hadj: An American’s Pilgrimage to Mecca

“Imam Zaid Shakir is one of the towering principle voices not only in contemporary Islam, but in American society.”
- Dr Cornel West, author of Democracy Matters, #1 Best Seller.

“On the issue of civilization, one has to remember that Islamic Civilization is a very important episode in our history of mankind, and someone like Imam Zaid Shakir is a student of it and knows the literature and what it has achieved. And many of the big, loud-mouthed voices in modern politics pretend to speak for Islam and don’ speak for that civilization at all. They have lost all contact with the philosophers and the poets”. 
- British political philosopher Dr. Roger Scruton, author of “Culture Counts: Faith and Feeling in a World Besieged.”

The New York Times describes Imam Zaid Shakir as a “ intellectual light”, a gifted scholar, author and lecturer, is fast becoming one of the most influential voices for Islam in the West, as well as a compelling force for the improvement of race relations in America.

  “Imam Zaid Shakir has compiled in this volume a number of his articles which address some of the burning issues that challenge all religious men and women in the United States of America and beyond. What is remarkable about this text is its message of hope. Deeply rooted in the Western and Islamic traditions, and bent on reconciling and profiting from both of them, Imam Shakir has written a text that could serve as a useful model for younger Muslims coming from a similar background. His reflections in this text have made it clear to me that the person who wrote this book is a man whose mental furniture has been properly re-arranged by his encounter with the Qur’an and the legacy of Prophet Muhammad. Muslims and non-Muslims will find much inspiration from teh messages that are beautifully packaged for those who think seriously and critically.” 

- Sulayman S. Nyang, Ph.D., Howard University

Syed Huda, USA.

Author: Zaid Shakir

Binding: Paperback

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