Saffron & Rose Nablus Gift Soap

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Exclusively produced only in the city of Nablus, Palestine. Made of 100% all-natural botanical ingredients, contain 80% organic virgin olive oil best for the skin.

Reviving long-lasting, organic traditions of preserving and enhancing beauty.
The chief ingredients of Nablus soap are virgin olive oil, water, and an alkaline sodium compound that are derived from the mixture of powdered ashes of the barilla plant (qilw) which grows along the banks of the River Jordan with locally supplied lime (sheed). The ancient city of Nablus has been famous for its hand-made soaps since the tenth century. Soaps of Nablus are renowned for their medicinal benefits and beautifying effects.

Nablus Soap is suitable for daily use because the soap is made from 100% natural ingredients, with no added synthetic substances, the soap is 100% biodegradable. This is not only good for your skin but safe for the environment. 

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