Pure Henna Oil
Pure Henna Oil

Pure Henna Oil

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One Ingredient: 100% pure, cold-pressed Henna Oil. Made from dried henna leaves (grown on organic farms in the Delta of the Nile in Egypt). HENNA OIL is deeply moisturizing for skin and hair without staining/altering skin or hair color. It provides its healing benefits to keep away dandruff and protect hair follicles, allowing hair to grow stronger, and adding shine and richness in texture. For all skin & hair types. It comes in a custom hand-blown glass amphorae-style bottle with cork, a hand-carved olivewood applicator (30 ml 'retail size), along with instructions.

Use: apply on slightly wet warm skin (as a moisturizer) or a couple of drops on hair roots/scalp after shampoo. For lash and brow rehab - apply nightly to the top eyelids & brows.

  • Dimensions: 2" high
  • Weight: .02 oz | 6ml
  • Made in Egypt

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