Labayk | Hajj Journal - Limited Quantity Left

It’s the blessed time when Muslims from around the world are getting ready to perform the pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj).

Gift your loved one with this beautiful journal that they can take with them along the way. With two attached place holders, the journal can be used for notes, reflections, reminders, and of course to list specific supplications.

This hard cover journal with lined paper and attached place holders is embellished with calligraphy that says ‘labayk Allahumma labayk’ (here we come our Lord, here with come), which is recited by all those who perform Hajj. It also holds the Hijri year, 1439 (2018).

Send your loved ones for Hajj with a beautiful journal they will definitely use, and a little reminder of you to carry with them along the way!

Created by Revival Arts.