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Hearts Turn

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Hearts Turn is a singular and gripping exploration of the act of 'tawba', a Qur’anic term commonly translated as repentance. In English, repentance is a forbidding word that suggests a puritanical finality. But in Arabic the term 'tawba' is dynamic, meaning to ‘turn’ or ‘return’. 'At-Tawwab' is one of the Names of God, the Oft-Returning or Ever-Relenting. It is an active constant, an ongoing, compassionate reality that renews every moment we are alive. The process of purification is a process of continuous turning. In Hearts Turn Michael Sugich, author of Signs on the Horizons, tells stories that are harrowing and hilarious, heartrending and bizarre, profane and transcendent, and altogether full of hope, showing how men and women from many parts of the world and many walks of life have turned themselves around and taken a fork in the road toward a higher reality.

From the introduction to Hearts Turn:

“This book is a declaration of mercy and certainty. Formed of a collection of stories I’ve experienced, read or heard, about how malleable the human heart can be and how wrongdoing, remorse, need, and yearning intersect with Divine Compassion, Forgiveness and Guidance. It is also about the sudden transitions from confusion to clarity, from sin to virtue, from sleep to wakefulness, from ignorance to knowledge, from foolishness to wisdom. And finally it is about the path of our lives, which leads us gradually, and for those who God favors, inexorably to salvation." 

“Magnificent!...Interlacing ancient and modern experiences of the unexpected presence of God, this unique anthology of conversion stories reminds us of the ongoing spiritual power of Islamic faith.”

Dr. Timothy Winter (Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad) Dean of Cambridge Muslim College


“Michael Sugich is a master storyteller as he demonstrated in Signs on the Horizons. Hearts Turn is a brilliantly written reminder that God’s Mercy is always open to each of us, no matter our position in life. This book has the power to leave the reader wanting to turn to God and to His Mercy. I loved this book.”

Sami Yusuf Singer, Composer, Humanitarian


“A really heartwarming book…for a generation of young Muslims and converts who face inner doubts and in need of a few smart lessons from Michael's journeybook, told through many voices and his own unique spiritual history. It is a relief to know I am not alone.”

Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)

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