Filigree Ornament Necklace - copper

Filigree Ornament Necklace - copper

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  • Copper
  • 16" Chain

Brass Care

  • Don't wear your meal jewelry in the shower or swimming. 
  • Avoid storing brass and gold-plated jewelry in the bathroom or in humid environments. Humidity is very bad for metals and will cause them to tarnish.
  • To store your metal jewelry, wrap each piece in soft fabric and store it in an airtight bag. Try to store each piece separately so that different materials don’t scratch one another.
  • We suggest using either a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner or mild soap and water on your metal jewelry. Always make sure to wipe off with water and dry your jewelry completely after cleaning.
  • Do not use any products that contain alcohol, this can ruin the finish.
  • If your jewelry is really tarnished, you can use a mix of baking soda, lemon juice, and water. Scrub it on with a soft cloth or toothbrush, wipe it off, and dry.
  • After cleaning, you can buff your jewelry with a soft cloth to give it a nice finish.

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