Door to the Zawiya Tijaniyyah - Yaseen Andrewsen

Knowledge is to see the door. Penitence is to approach it. Prayer is to knock upon it. But to open it is not within your power.

- Abdul-Hakim Murad


This is part of an ongoing series by Yaseen Andrewsen that stops to look at the beauty in the mundane. Doors are portals to something yet unknown. Some doors that are well ornamented may hide less beautiful secrets, while some simple doors may be the modest covering of the most enchanting of secrets; for others. The external beauty is in line with the internal. 

This particular door is the particular to the entrance of Ahmed Tihani in Fes, Morocco. Every day pilgrims from across the city and across the world come to visit the grave of the eponymous founder of the eponymous Tariqa. Once there, they supplicate, give in charity, and seek companionship with their fellow Muslims.

Fes, Morocco, - November 2016

Yaseen Andrewsen


Dimensions - 9" x 12"