Dignified Disks - Exotic Ebony Misbaha, 99 Beads

Dignified Disks - Exotic Ebony Misbaha, 99 Beads

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Fashioned from exotic ebony, this set is not dyed or painted. The deep browns and blacks you see are one of the world's greatest manifestations of beauty.

Known as the 'wood of kings', Ebony has been used for millennia as the material of choice for royal crafts. From the royal caskets of Ancient Egypt to the ciphers of the Indian royalty, Ebony is and always has been the regal wood of choice. ⁣

This Tasbih's ninety-nine beads are carved in an elegant rounded disk shape for a subtle yet majestic effect. This Tasbih is strung with an artisanal thread so strong that we guarantee it for life. 

Surprise someone special with this heartfelt tasbih gift as a symbol of your love.

  • Masterfully crafted limited release Tasbih/Misbaha/Sibha
  • The most heartfelt gift you can give.
  • 99 hand-crafted exotic ebony wood
  • 14 mm beads
  • Durable Braided Thread 
  • Guaranteed for life. 
  • Limited Edition

Created by Basmala Beads

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