Dear Self

Dear Self

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Dear Self is the penetrating journal of Richelene Mitchell, a young African American mother of seven struggling to raise her children while wrestling with the burden of poverty, callous public policy, and both overt and subtle manifestations of entrenched, institutionalized racism in America. 

Ms. Mitchell was born in the rural south, the daughter of an African American sharecropper. She would venture to the northern ghetto of Philadelphia to enhance her educational opportunities. Hence, her early life was shaped by the twin forces defining African American life in the Twentieth Century, the rural south and the urban north. 

An honor student in high school, Ms. Mitchell's promising academic career was curtailed by an eventually failed marriage that led to a set of circumstances which rendered her a single mother of seven children living in a sprawling public housing project in New Britain, Connecticut. Forced to deal with the humiliation of public assistance, she chronicled a year of her life, 1973.


Author: Richelene Mitchell

Forward by: Imam Zaid Shakir

Binding: Paperback

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