Children's Craft - Crossing Tiles Top

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This laser-cut wooden spinning top kit allows you to fit pieces together to make your own custom spin top! The various components snap into place. No glue required!

Believe it or not, there is a lot of physics behind tops. They are a great STEAM project! Experiment by arranging the 3 circles in a different order to see how this affects your top’s spin. Does it change how well your top balances? What is the longest time you can get your top to stay up?


  • 3 laser-cut circles the largest of which is etched with a distinct pattern

  • The top’s stem is composed of two interlocking pieces


  • Recommended for ages 6+

  • Customize your kit and decorate it with markers or paint (not included). When using paint try not to apply at the wood joints as this may make it difficult for the parts to fit smoothly.

  • In cases where the stem is loose, apply a small amount of glue to join. Masking tape or painter's paint can help keep the parts in place while the glue dries.

  • Do not glue the circular components!


The assembled top is 4”x 2 7/8”

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