Connoisseur - Kuk Nut Misbaha - Pomme

Connoisseur - Kuk Nut Misbaha - Pomme

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This set has been crafted to bring out the natural beauty of organic Kuk seed. No dyes have been used so that they may darken with use and become truly yours.

Images and words cannot do this set justice. 

A unique composition inspired by the unique taste of the Misbaha (Tasbih) connoisseurs of the Arabian Peninsula. This set is crafted with Premium Organic Kuk Nut in the Pomme bead style.

Our artisans have strung this Tasbih with a braided specialty thread so durable that we guarantee it for life.

  • Masterfully crafted limited release Tasbih/Misbaha/Sibha
  • The most heartfelt gift you can give.
  • 33 Organic Kuk Nut Wood
  • Anatolian Tassel 
  • 13 mm beads
  • Durable Braided Thread 
  • Guaranteed for life 

Created by Basmala Beads

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