Our Story

A Bookstore with a Purpose

At the heart of Berkeley, California, is a place to connect, open your heart to guidance, and be surrounded by beauty.

Great minds live here from centuries ago and today. Through the inspired thoughts they translated into the medium of language for us to connect with and ponder over.

Our community embraces those willing to take a journey of lifelong reading, down guided paths to deepen one’s understanding. We carry texts that are curated by Zaytuna College’s illustrious faculty who may endorse reading these books, even if they do not always endorse the ideas.

With the purpose of preserving tradition and introducing readers to the art of dialectics, our collection of books have shaped Eastern and Western traditions alongside newer works which challenge common opinions, beliefs, and lifestyles.

Our bookstore is a space to rest one’s eyes on beauty inspired by Islam’s profound tradition of sacred art met with good intention, and translated through the hands of individual artists and artisans for unique gifts.

We welcome you to explore books and gifts that, God Willing, may inspire your mind and connect with your soul.

A Space with a Story

The Zaytuna Bookstore is a short walk from UC Berkeley campus, located on Holy Hill - nicknamed as such because it is home to seminaries of different religions.

In 1923, there was a fire in the Berkeley Hills that destroyed residential areas leaving the land available. Theological unions already in the area purchased the land close to one another and over the next decade many churches were built. This shift brought with it a new wave of architecture into the Berkeley area, reminiscent of European styled churches of the 1600s.

Our beautiful building draws from English Gothic architecture and was formerly the home of the University Christian Church. It was designed by the architect Walter Radcliff, who designed many of the buildings on Holy Hill.

Zaytuna College Bookstore

2401 Le Conte Ave
Berkeley, CA 94709

Store Hours

The store is closed until further notice. Our online shop is and will remain open.