The American poet Emily Dickinson once wrote that “There is no frigate like a book / To take us lands away.” The Zaytuna College bookstore aspires to cultivate a community of lifelong readers willing to take the journey, wherever it may lead, that a good book offers. We only carry books that are carefully selected by Zaytuna’s faculty and that reflect the school’s roots in traditional Islamic knowledge and in its liberal arts mission. 

We also carry an ever-increasing collection of gift items that are not only hand-made by individual artists and artisans, but are inspired by Islam’s profound tradition of sacred art. We hope that at the Zaytuna College Bookstore, you will find books and gifts that, God willing, will feed your mind and your soul.

Monday - Thursday
9:30 am - 2:30 pm

zaytuna bookstore

  Bookstore Address  
2401 Le Conte Ave
Berkeley, CA 94709