For love is the beauty of the soul.

— St. Augustine

St Augustine of Hippo b. 4th century AD - Tagaste, Algeria

St Augustine of Hippo was born to middle class parents in the town of Tagaste, present-day Algeria in 354 AD. From early on, Augustine demonstrated both an independent spirit and a gifted, enquiring intellect. Not yet baptised, he rejected the fervent Christianity of his parents and immersed himself in pagan practices common among the adolescents of his time. After the tragic deaths of his mother and first son, he gave himself over to a monastic life of contemplation and prayer in the company of his close friends and followers. His autobiography,Confessions, tells of his conversion to Catholicism and contains various spiritual exercises to deepen one's faith. He claimed that human knowledge would be if impossible if God did not illuminate the human mind and thereby allow it to see, grasp, or understand ideas.

Size: A7 - 5 x 7 in
Offset full colour print on smooth FSC-certified cover stock.

Inside: Blank


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