Wool Oversized Shawl - Gray Block Weave

Wool Oversized Shawl - Gray Block Weave

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This shawl, which can double as a throw, was locally sheared, washed, brushed, hand-spun, and hand-woven on a traditional wooden loom. It has all the delightful textures of a truly artisanal product, allowing you to feel intimately connected with the process of producing this work of art. The blocks of gray were created by spinning yarns with a mixture of naturally dark grey wool and cream wool from sheep to create variant shades of grey. No dyes were used in this product.

  • Dimensions: 36" x  87"  (not counting the tassels)
  • 100% Raw Un-dyed Local Sheep's Wool
  • Hand wash or dry clean only. 

 Ethically handmade in Tunisia by local weavers who set their own prices and own their means of production.

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