Children's Craft - Circular String Art Kit - 3 Hoops

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It's both math and art, simple and beautiful. Use colorful string to create beautiful geometric shapes with our provided templates. Consisting of only string and wood, even the youngest artist can assemble this crafty kit with ease. What a great way to learn math. Once completed you can hang your creation on the wall. Decorate and color the wood with markers or paint (not included). Baltic birch plywood laser-cut wooden hoops & colored string.

Choose different configurations: Circular 3 Hoop set: 3 nested circular hoops with 20, 30, and 40 holes. (3 string skeins are included to get you started - each skein is about 8.75yds long)

Recommended for ages 8+ - younger children will require help to string the hoops SIZE INFORMATION 20 hole circular hoop - 4" diameter 30 holes circular hoop - 5" diameter 40 holes circular hoop - 6" diameter

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