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Eid Collection - Books & Journals

Eid Collection - Books & Journals
78 results
A Tentative Guide to Islamic Invocations
A Thinking Person's Guide to Our Times
A Thinking Person's Guide to the Truly Happy Life
The Content of Character
Purification of the Heart
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Purification of the Heart CD Set
Submission, Faith & Beauty
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Meetings With Mountains
Treatise for the Seekers
The Heirs of the Prophets
Caesarean Moon Births | 2nd Edition
Renovatio:  The Silence of God
Renovatio: How Do We Know?
Renovatio: The Enigma of Language
Renovatio: The Art of Being Human
Renovatio: The Distance of Our Differences
Renovatio: What's Real and What Is Not?
Being Muslim
Being Muslim
Hearts Turn
Hearts Turn
Signs on the Horizons
Al-Shafi'i's Risala: Treatise on the Foundations of Islamic Jurisprudence
Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence
Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law
Knowledge & Wisdom
The Book of Wisdoms: Kitab Al-Hikam, a Collection of Sufi Aphorisms
Three Treatises: Mutual Reminders, Good Manners and the Aphorisms
Al-Ghazali on Vigilance & Self-Examination
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Al-Ghazali The Mysteries of Purification: Book 3 of the Revival of the Religious Sciences
Al-Ghazali: The Book of Prophetic Ethics and the Courtesies of Living
Muhammad the Perfect Man
The Art of Persuasion: Aristotle's Rhetoric for Everybody
The Burda of Al-Busiri : The Poem of the Cloak
A Frequency Dictionary of Arabic: Core Vocabulary for Learners
Al-Arba'in: Mulla 'Ali al-Qari
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Al-Arba'in: Mulla 'Ali al-Qari
Al-Arba'in: Chihil Kalima ('Abd Al-Rahman Jami)
78 results
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