Study Smarter Not Harder

Study Smarter Not Harder

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At work and at school, requirements rise higher and higher as competition grows fiercer. We are constantly challenged by having to acquire new skills and ideas as those we’ve learned become obsolete. By mastering the seven basic elements of complete study skills included in this book, it’s possible to tap into hidden potential for maximum performance and increased learning power. This positive guide is ideal for high-school students, post-secondary students, and anyone aiming to achieve new career goals by upgrading or learning new skills. Practical exercises and motivational quotations make the “work” of homework efficient and immediately useful.

This new 4th edition includes:
  • New science-of-learning elements with a sharp focus on the practical application to study skills
  • How to handle pressure from your family and friends to get good grades
  • Current technology issues such as: distractions created by the internet, overcoming information age problems that harm your studying, and using technology to your advantage
  • Dated language and cultural references have been updated

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