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This book has a spirit that will stir the heart of the reader. It portrays the crowning qualities of patience and endurance of a young man poised against adversity. It also sheds light over the mysterious ways by which providence intervenes in human destiny. This book takes us into the mind of a wise and wonderful person who has coped with the difficulties of life. Mamade Kadreebux, was born in the tiny village of Souillac, on the tiny island of Mauritius. He seemed to have had travelling in his blood. He needed to roam in order to fulfill his destiny. Solitude renewed his instincts and trained him to contemplate. Mamade Kadreebux has travelled the globe for many years and photographed some of the most secluded places in the world. His photographs have been shown in England, Iceland, California and Mauritius, amongst other places in the world. 

Author: Mamade Kadreebux

Binding: Softcover

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