A Handbook of Spiritual Medicine

A Handbook of Spiritual Medicine

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This spiritual guide to the self is a handbook of tazkiyah or ‘self-purification.' Not only does it illustrate the maladies of the human spiritual condition, but it also recognizes the struggles and insecurities we all succumb to from time to time, and offers up remedies too.

Ibn Daud has presented a fresh exposition of this traditional science in a contemporary format that can be applied to busy lives.  Its tabular design and colorful traffic light approach make it easy to reference for a new generation. Ibn Daud also presents the real and potential negative impact that social media has on our spiritual growth, and compares this with practical ways that its influence can be harnessed for benefit.

The author draws from 1000+ Qur’ānic verses and authentic ahādīth, inspiring mindfulness of the Almighty Cherisher and His Beloved Prophet, as well as drawing on the 11th and 12th Century works of the ‘Proof of Islam’ and wondrous sage, Imām Abū Hāmid Al-Ghazālī.

The Importance of Spiritual Purification

Just as you seek the best medical treatment to avoid illnesses and improve your physical health and wellbeing, your soul can also suffer from spiritual illnesses such as ghadab (anger), riya (showing off), takabbur (pride and arrogance), hasad (envy), lack of shukr (ingratitude), hubb al-jah (love of fame), hubb al-mal (love of wealth), and the like.

Author:  Ibn Daud

Binding: Softcover with glossy pages

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