Eyewitness Books: Astronomy

Eyewitness Books: Astronomy

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Featuring more than 200 colorful pictures and illustrations, Eyewitness Astronomy provides children with a perfect introduction to the world of astronomy. From describing how we viewed the stars and planets in the ancient times to the latest astronomical discoveries, this reference book presents all the key concepts of astronomy in simple language. 

Children will discover the host of planets and stars that occupy our Universe and can unearth fascinating insights into the Moon's connection to Earth's oceans. They can also read about how humans ventured into space and developed technology to see even beyond our own galaxy.  

For any budding astronomer, scientist, astronaut, or simply a curious, young mind, Eyewitness 
Astronomy provides everything they need to know about the infinite amount of space that surrounds our planet.

Author: Kristen Lippincott

Binding: Hardcover

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