Tawq al Hamamah Al Hub fil Andalus- Volume 61 (Arabic Edition)

This a famous work on "pure love" called Tawq al Hamamah, (The Ring of the Dove), by Ibn Hazm who was one of the great Jurisdiction and law sciences in Andalusia-Spain. Born at Qordova, spain in 384 H.(994) and died in 465H. He lived seventy two years. His book, was a unique in its type to be written by a Muslim scientist. Its uniqueness comes from the way the author reflects his social relations in love affairs domain in his time. He covers almost all topics around love, its definition by poets and its signs among lovers, as well as the negative reflections to love like selfishness and envy. The selection of the book for publication in the USA, is part of Ihyaa al Turath al Arabi fil Mahjar (Revival of Arab Heritage in Diaspora) project, supported by the Arab American Encyclopedia. Both projects sponsored by the publisher. Dr. Yahya is an Arab Palestinian American scholar, writer and poet authored and published more than 270 books on Amazon and Kindle. He resides in Michigan-USA. He has four children and ten grandchildren.

Author: Ibn Hazem al Andalusi

Binding: Paperback, 208 pages