The Heart's Garden tells a wondrous, adventure-filled story inspired by Rumi's holistic worldview. It empowers kids by reminding them of their inter-connectedness to all and their ability to transform the world.

The Land of Winter has been mired in cold and dark for ages. Its residents (the WinterPeople) set out to seek the Heart's Garden, a place where winter doesn't rule, the sun shines unconditionally, and magnificent flowers grow. The garden is located in the City of Love, but to enter the city the WinterPeople have to let go of what weighs them down and find their wings.
Once in the Heart's Garden, the WinterPeople discover the power that comes from knowing they are one with the entire universe; they vow to bring the light and warmth of love back to the Land of Winter.

Author: Omid Arabian

Binding: Hard Cover

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