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Crescent Moon Necklace
Pendant - Mini Silver Geometric Sandala
Silver Hammered Sandala Ring - large
Pendant - Small Silver Geometric
Iolite Bracelet with Geometric Sandala
Silver & Leather Estella Bracelet
Pendant - Small Silver Hammered
Silver & Leather Fatima Bracelet
Abalone Crescent Moon Necklace
Two-Tone Hammered Sandala Ring - large
Silver & Leather Omeya Bracelet
Silver & Leather Celosia Bracelet
Silver Celosia Necklace
Pendant - Large Two-Tone Hammered
Silver Hand of Fatima Ring - mini
Pearl Monstera Earrings
Leather & Silver Omeya Pendant - red
Two-Tone Geometric Sandala - mini
Silver Alhambra Earrings
Two-Tone U Ring
Two-Tone Geometric Ring - large
Iolite Bracelet with Hammered Silver Sandala
Iridescent Clay Crescent Moon
Leather & Silver Omeya Pendant - brown
Silver Calligraphy Medallion Ring
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Silver Hammered Sandala Ring - mini
Bracelet - Silver Sandala Bracelet
Silver Celosia Earrings
Pendant - Large Silver Geometric
Pendant - Small Two-Tone Hammered
Agate Bracelet
Bracelet - Silver Chain with Calligraphy Medallion & Key
Pendant - Large Two-Tone Geometric
Pendant - Large Silver Hammered
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